Telenor – Tapstorm


“I had the pleasure of working with Komodo on the Tapstorm web project. I was quickly amazed by their content writing skills, different ways of writing to different audiences (tone of voice), but also by the way they structured and ran a challenging content process with short deadlines and (too) many stakeholders. I think all content/communication projects should have a team like them – someone that is able to think out of the box and apply meaningful creativity to make your content unique and personal. The people at Komodo put their hearts and minds into their work and I’m glad Telenor was able to benefit from their passion for writing.”

– Ammar Siddiqi // Business Manager, Telenor Group

Komodo skrev innhold til Telenors nye satsning – Tapstorm. Kaffekoppene gikk ned på høykant, Ammar smilte beroligende, og vi kom i mål rett før tastene smeltet.

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